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My dog has been coughing for several days. Why is he coughing and what should I do about it?

Several things can cause a dog's cough: kennel cough, allergies, or even bronchitis. If the coughing persists for several days it's important to have your veterinarian examine him to determine the cause.

Why does my dog or cat have such bad breath?

Bad breath is often a sign of dental problems. Visit your veterinarian to diagnose plaque, tartar or other dental disorders.

Why does my dog chew at his or her feet?

Chewing at the feet is almost always the sign of an allergy. Your veterinarian should treat this for your pet's dental needs.

My cat constantly goes to the litter box but little or no urine comes out. What causes this behavior and what should I do about it?

Your cat may have a urinary tract infection or blockage that's preventing him or her from urinating. A veterinarian should see your cat immediately!

I just adopted a new pet. She's been abandoned so I have no idea how old she is and she has no medical records. What should I do first?

Congratulate yourself for adopting one of the millions of homeless pets we have in this country. Then you should take her to your veterinarian for an examination. This is especially important if you have other pets in your household. Your veterinarian can vaccinate her and make sure she won't transmit any diseases to your other pets.

I have a new pet. When should I take him in to have his shots?

We recommend that puppies and kittens have their first vaccines at 6-8 weeks and we have more information about vaccinations on these pages

Should I give my cat a saucer of milk?

No. Although your cat or kitten probably loves milk, cow's milk is substantially different from cat milk and is not good for your cat. The milk from dairy cows contains a substantial amount of lactose. Cats are not able to digest this sugar. When fed cow's milk cats develop diarrhea, which can lead to dehydration and other problems.

Why is my dog scooting her rear end on the floor?

Scooting can be a sign of anal gland problems or of a tapeworm infection. If you also find small, white worm segments near your pet's anus or in her feces, she probably has tapeworms. Take her to your veterinarian for a specific diagnosis and treatment.

My puppy or kitten's teeth are falling out. Is this normal?

Puppies and kittens have baby teeth just like humans do. They usually lose their baby teeth when they are about three and a half months old. If the baby teeth don't fall out naturally they may need to be pulled to avoid problems when the adult teeth come in.