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Our Services

Veterinary service is available on a 24 hour (telephone service) basis for our established clientele. We will make every effort to respond quickly to your call for help.

Vaccinations and Nutrition

We perform routine vaccinations and offer nutrition advice to pet owners to optimize the growth of their dear pets. We also send vaccination reminders. We perform micro-chipping. We give health and fitness certification to pets which are traveling within India or abroad.


We offer advice and treatment for all dermatological conditions(bacterial and fungal). We use skin scrapings to analyse and diagnose dermatological conditions accurately.


All Biochemical investigations, Routine Blood, Urine and Stool tests are carried out at Asavlee.




Abdominal scans, Pregnancy diagnosis and other Sonography services on an appointment basis.


We perform dental scaling using Ultrasonic dental scaler. We also perform tooth extractions and other minor dental work.


All Major, Minor and Orthopaedic Surgeries Castrations, Spays, Aural Haematomas, Cystotomies, Tumor removals, Removal of Bladder stones, Reproduction (including Ceaserian section). We have a very good qualified surgeon in Dr. Ninoshka Periera


We offer ophthalmic examinations at our clinics. The ophthalmic exam is carried out with Welsch Allen Opthalmosope. We offer schirmer tear test. We also perform surgeries for Cherry eye. We have a qualified human ophthalmologist in Dr.P.S Kate who offers her advice to us.

Annual Well Care

We have started offering Annual check-ups for your pets in the form of vaccinations, blood tests, x-rays and abdominal Scans. We offer ECG facilities and blood pressure measurements for dogs .


We perform vaginal smear tests and give advice on when to breed the bitch during heat.


FNAC to detect tumors Chemotherapy


We have access to an ECG machine to detect cardiac abnormalities.

Nebulisation facility

Can be availed at our clinics for patients with respiratory disease.

Home visits

We undertake home visits in our off clinic hours.

Pet food and accessories

All our clinics have attached convenience stores. You can buy accessories and pet food at competitive prices.

Pet care services

1. Grooming
2. Hair-Cut
3. Hair-Cut + Bath
4. Nail Cutting
5. Walking
6. Training